5 Tips to Prepare for the Day of Your Event

Posted by Luke on July 2, 2018 at 12:40 AM


Even after you do the heavy lifting of planning your event and you’ve found your venue, and have all the details confirmed, don’t just kick back and wait for the event to happen. Remember, great events don’t just happen—they happen because the planner commits to creating a remarkable experience for all who attend.

Here are five tips for nailing the home stretch:

1. Confirm Details With Venue and Vendors
Depending on the complexity of the event, make sure to follow up with the venue and vendors about a month out, a week beforehand, and the day before to make sure that everything is set, and no unexpected issues have come up that may derail the event at the last minute.

2. Communicate With Guests
Guest communication can often require the same level of detail as venue and vendor communication. Send out a reminder with essential information one week before and then one day before to reduce no-shows and last minute calls and texts from guests who can’t find the room or the parking lot. Tools like Paperless Post, Eventbrite, or a Facebook Event make this last-minute communication a breeze.

3. Create Signage
Clear and instructive signs prevent any potential confusion, especially if your venue has multiple rooms or floors.

4. Make a “Day of Event” Box
Again, it depends on the type and complexity of the event, but it is good practice to start collecting everything you’ll need for an event in one place. Programs, signs, easels, pens, name tags, wireless slide advancers, speaker gifts, scripts, adapter cables for laptops and projectors—the list goes on!

Having all these items in one place will give you peace of mind and make you aware if you are missing anything.

5. Make a “Day of Event” Checklist
If the event isn’t one you frequently host, I’d highly recommend developing a simple “day of” checklist that covers everything you need to do and bring on the day of the event. There is simply too much going on the day-of to remember everything, especially if something unexpected pops up. Also if you have a checklist, you can easily delegate tasks to other people and keep track of them all in one place.

By following through until the end, you’ll ensure that your event is a success from start to finish. Instead of scrambling around at the last minute to find a new venue because of an overlooked detail that is a show stopper, or wondering why fewer people than expected showed up, you will rest easy knowing that all of the details have been accounted for. And when the big day comes, you can relax and enjoy the moment rather than rushing around to put out fires.

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