Our Favorite Local Catering Options

Posted by Luke on September 17, 2018 at 4:51 PM

Planning an event is often a rewarding, but challenging endeavor, especially when you plan your event at a venue that doesn't serve food!

Don't worry, we've got  you covered.

To help make the process easier of finding a caterer, we've hand-picked some of our favorite local catering options below.


Common Cause Catering 

We believe that every client and every function is unique, and believe that the menu should reflect the style and personality of the host, carrying through the theme and vision for the event. We look forward to the opportunity to create a memorable event that truly belongs to you and your guests.


Four by Brother Luck

"Our cuisine is continuously influenced by Four main providers who supply our ingredients; the hunter, the gatherer, the fisherman and the farmer. These people are truly the beginning of every dish we imagine as the seasons change." - Chef Brother Luck


Garden of the Gods Catering & Events

Catering for both executive and social events, we proudly feature some of the most creative and award-winning culinary talent in our region. Believing that delicious food must also be beautifully displayed, our attention to detail presentation is paramount. Our five-star professional service provides warm and personable staff, focused on creating an environment of hospitality excellence.


La'au's Tacos 

Tired of the same boring lunch order? Spice up your business meeting or small event and let La’au’s take care of lunch – or dinner! Perfect for groups of 10 to 30. Place your order below – 24 hours in advance. We’ll call you to confirm the order, pickup time and process your payment. Becoming everyone’s favorite coworker is that easy.


Picnic Basket Catering

Building trusting relationships with our catering customers is our number one priority. We are dedicated to serving fresh and delicious food with an emphasis on artistic presentation and ingenuity. We strive to create memorable events for our clients through outstanding service, effortless planning and the pure enjoyment of great food.


Piglatin Cocina

Our Island Taco bar is designed to ensure your food is kept warm, taco shells remain crisp, and the people eating the food can throw their own creative flair into the art of taco making. When your order is dropped off, you are equipped with everything you need to serve – food, plates, forks, spoons, napkins, serving trays, sternos, and serving spoons and tongs. 


Food Trucks

Roaming Hunger has put together a great list of local food trucks that you can easily book for your next event.


Are you a caterer in Colorado Springs or do you not see your favorite caterer on our list?

Email us at hello@perfectvenue.com to request to be added to the list.

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