Don't Forget The Most Important Part of Your Event

Posted by Luke on July 2, 2018 at 12:42 AM


You may have planned an incredible event at a stunning venue with beautiful decorations, but if you mess up food and drinks, people will think it was a flop.

We’ve all been to those events where there isn’t enough food—or the food is cold, and the drinks are warm. You don’t want to be the one responsible for an event where people leave early and go to a drive-through on their way home.

Food and drinks often drive people to events, and just as your car runs on gas, your event runs on delicious eats and refreshing drinks. 

The first step to properly planning your food and drinks is to consult your venue. Ask if they provide food and beverages, and if they do, confirm the menu. Keep in mind dietary restrictions and other needs your guests may have. Additionally, ask the venue when food and drinks will be served, how attendees can order them, and if a private bar is available.

Confirming these details are even more critical if you have a caterer or are bringing in outside food, as this typically requires a higher level of coordination. Also, before you start looking into outside caterers or bringing you own food, make sure you check with the venue to see what their requirements are for outside caterers. Many venues have a short list of caterers they allow, or else they require specific documentation.

Ensuring that the food and drink details are nailed down is a must. An event is a branded experience, and your attendees will remember how your event made them feel—and they’ll associate those feelings with you. So let’s make sure those are meaningful memories filled with joy, excitement, and satisfaction (and not hunger!)